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Job Position

To be the service provide leader of offshore wind power; we have invested in manpower and technological development hence our capacities has been upgraded to offer tailor-made and effective solution provide to whatever challenge our clients may have.

With our responsive and highly professional project management teams, we are able to deliver to our clients wide capacity in services, ranging from the beginning of offshore wind power development to end of operation through various local infrastructure This is being evidenced in our on-going projects in Ulsan.
Location Feasibility Consulting
  • Local residents information sessions and public hearings
  • Resident acceptability review
  • Consultation for fishermen`s compensation
  • Resident consent
  • Lidar installation
  • Assist for authorization for the use of public water surface
Environmental location Investigation
  • Environment Impact Assessment
    - Marine animal survey
    - Geophysical survey
    - Vibration & noise
    - Hydrographic survey
    - Marine flora survey
  • Fisher men`s liaison officer man power provision
  • Heritage culture survey
  • Wind tower & pontoon fabrication
  • Turbine generator transportation flames
  • Sand blasting, painting
  • Cable pulling & connection
  • Structure inspection
  • Assembly of all mechanical and electrical internals including platforms, cabling, service elevators, ladders
  • NDT
Operation & Maintenance
  • Flange Management Service
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Safety device checks
  • Oil analysis
  • Blade inspection by hydrogen drone
  • Technician man power provision
  • Training center
Vessel Charter
  • Survey ship for EIA
  • Anchor handling tug
  • Anchor handling tug supply vessel
  • Service operation vessel
  • Crew transfer vessel
  • Deck cargo barge
  • Scouting vessels